Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 4 at Fire on the Dock

We have two battles coming up this week at Fire on the Dock.

Tuesday night, we have Chef Clarke Merrell from Circa 81 battling Chef Anthony Garnett from Coral Bay Club. According to Chef Merrell, the North Carolina ingredients he uses "are in almost every dish I make.  Using NC ingredients means being a part of a community and supporting local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.  There is something magical about serving a fish that was just swimming only hours ago, or eating fresh produce that was just harvested from the field." Chef Garnett's cooking style is "Regional American cuisine with LOTS of seafood--all kinds of seafood cooked lots of different ways." He uses " The daily catch from our local seafood market.  We also buy local trout, shrimp, and as many NC oysters we can get our hands on.  We even make our own sea salt and buy organic bell peppers from a tiny farm nearby." The winner of Tuesday night's battle will move on to compete on May 8th with our winner from Battle Bison, Chef Marc Copenhaver.

Chef Clarke Merrell
Chef Anthony Garnett

Wednesday night, Chef Kirsten Mitchell from Cameo 1900 will battle Chef Charin Choti from Big Thai in an already sold-out competition. Chef Mitchell's cooking style is  "Simple and sophisticated, but also very diverse." Chef Choti's competitive advantage is his "X-factor."  All of the chefs in our competition praise his incredible kitchen skills, but no one can anticipate the kind of creative flair he will bring to the battles.  Not being a native English speaker, he naturally keeps all of his cards close to his vest! The winner of Wednesday night's battle will compete again on May 9th with Chef Kyle McKnight, the winner from Battle Curry.

Chef Kirsten Mitchell
Chef Charin Choti

Good luck this week chefs!

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